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 After knocking himself out bloodless via flying headlong right into a window of the Hilton hotel in Curaçao, Bob became the predominant field of a brand new photograph sequence by using Jasper Doest, a Dutch photographer.

Doest has cast a profession photographing wildlife in a ways-flung and remote locations world wide, however his most contemporary collection came rather nearer to home.

Jasper’s cousin, Odette Doest, is a local vet, and adopted Bob after he become discovered via lodge body of workers in Curaçao, an island within the southern Caribbean.

“Odette discovered the flamingo had been habituated to humans from an early age,” Jasper tells artistic overview. “Which is likely one of the causes Bob can’t be released back into the wild – he would simply forage round human property like he did when he become flying around the resort.”

Bob has seeing that been appointed as an envoy for Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben, a nonprofit conservation charity installation by way of Odette.

He sits within the vehicle with Odette as they drive around the island, touring colleges and, on one event, a native tv studio, where he  helps Odette teach the island’s little ones about how most desirable to take care of habitat that might have once been Bob’s herbal domestic.

When Odette requested producers on the morning tv show if she may bring a flamingo alongside, they assumed she meant a plastic toy. “The host was bowled over when Bob entered the the studio,” says Jasper.

Jasper photographed Bob at his new domestic, Odette’s bungalow, which Bob shares with a macaw, 9 cats and 10 canine, in addition to Odette and her teenage son.

Odette has long past to lengths to supply Bob an environment which may suit his experiences within the wild. She adjusted the pool in the backyard to a salt water pool “the place he can kick back”. One room of the condo is covered with sand so he doesn’t ought to stand on a concrete flooring the entire time. Odette takes him to the ocean so he can swim. “He’s regularly fed clean caviar, which he loves,” Jasper says.

but Jasper’s snap shots of Bob are cautionary as well. Bob got here beneath the aegis of Odette as a result of his natural environment became encroached upon through humans. Natural world photography has to constantly navigate the divide between sharing the unknowable great thing about the natural world and turning it into whatever thing that we humans can passively devour. And, of course, making use of human issues to an animal is the simplest way to make them unique. To picture Bob in the incorrect method would add to the experience his existence has been totally described by way of humanity.

“I don’t definitely want to look at animals as enjoyment, ” Jasper says. “That’s no longer what they are there for. While definite things can definitely put a smile to your face, that’s now not the driving drive of life on this planet.”

As a person who has made a dwelling shooting animals through his digital camera lens, it’s an issue Doest has to often confront. “I commonly see animals being anthropomorphised as an affordable variety of enjoyment,” Jasper says. “i like to keep away from that.

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Advice from a flamingo poster

“That referred to, you discover americans are only willing to look after whatever they have got fallen in love with. Frequently, the photos people definitely relate to are very emotional ones.”

Doest does not agree with he’s cartoonified Bob – besides the fact that he has a human identify. “We painting him as someone being,” he says. “And, to me, that’s a extremely large change. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. I haven’t done that. I just deliver you a height into a person’s life.”




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