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 Evans Peters and Elizabeth Olsen | surprise Studios 2021/Disney+ Why ‘WandaVision’ enthusiasts anticipated Mephisto to appear

In wonder comics, Mephisto is considered one of Wanda Maximoff’s most bold enemies. The demon-like entity looked in the vision and the Scarlet Witch (Vol. 2). And he went after Wanda in Avengers West Coast #fifty one–fifty two. So, when WandaVision premiered, many assumed Mephisto would reveal up as Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) tormentor. 

And in the comics, Mephisto is partially responsible for developing Wanda’s children. She draws on his powers and makes use of fragments of his soul to supply lifestyles to her kids. 

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So midway throughout the season, when Wanda gave start to her twin sons, some fans were satisfied that a person in Westview turned into Mephisto in conceal.  Many assumed that Evan Peters’ persona changed into Mephisto. Youngsters, he grew to become out to be someone named Ralph Bohner, a traditional human character utterly new to the surprise Universe.  

Why they concept Magneto could be the big unhealthy

Like Mephisto, Magneto has a background with Wanda Maximoff within the surprise comics. For a time, he became considered Wanda and her brother, Pietro’s father. 

however, Magneto didn’t deal with the siblings like a father would. And he regularly used them to further his agenda. 

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So, upon seeing Wanda’s Hex, some WandaVision fanatics believed she become being manipulated to retain it. And a few theorized that the one controlling Wanda could very neatly be Magneto.

‘WandaVision’ showrunner exhibits why Mephisto and Magneto weren’t a part of the story

The remaining episodes of WandaVision printed Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), aka the nosy neighbor Agnes, because the manipulative drive in Wanda’s existence. And in keeping with showrunner Jac Schaeffer, there have been in no way plans to bring Magneto or Mephisto in because the story’s villains despite the fan push. 

“I didn’t toss and switch, however [the number of fan theories] did have an effect on me, I must admit,” Schaeffer told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m a individuals pleaser; I want people to be satisfied. But as far as the sum complete of the sequence, I didn’t wish to spoil any guarantees, and i don’t consider that we ever promised some huge male dangerous.”

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Books give a soul to the Universe wings to the mind poster


“It’s baked in that the premier antagonist of the display is grief and that Agatha is the exterior antagonist,” she brought. “So as far as these theories, I obtained a bit frightened, however even at this aspect, I don’t want Mephisto or Magneto. As a viewer, that’s now not what i would want out of this collection.”

WandaVision can also not have brought these villains to lifestyles. But Wanda will reappear in future surprise Cinematic Universe tasks, together with the upcoming film doctor atypical in the Multiverse of madness. So it is fairly viable enthusiasts will see the characters encounter the Scarlet Witch soon. 




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