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 have you ever washed your hair only to discover it was still greasy after drying it? Or do you get eternally sticky and itchy hair a day after washing it? In case your hair feels greasy the entire time, it may suppose frustrating and like a misplaced trigger—however it's now not.

in case you've ever puzzled the way to do away with greasy hair for first rate, step one is to establish what's causing an oily scalp. There are quite a lot of explanations for why your hair never rather seems at its healthiest, so we spoke to 3 haircare consultants to discover exactly why you have completely greasy hair and the premier counsel for tackling the basis problem.

1. Your hair has a herbal tendency to get greasy.

Genetics play an immense position in inflicting greasy hair. "Some americans can have a herbal overproduction of sebum," explains Rachel Doughty, a hairstylist at Violet Says. And, if you have best, straight hair, it be greater likely to get greasier faster than curly hair as sebum can trip down the hair without the curves of a curl, says Ondine Cowley, director at Nicky Clarke in London.

What to do:

There are a variety of the way to control your naturally greasy hair. "that you would be able to fight this through the use of a lemon-primarily based shampoo and the usage of dry shampoo in between washes," Doughty says. "in case you discover your hair gets oily right through the day, that you may lift beauty blotting papers with you to mattify the hairline as needed."

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2. You are now not rinsing your shampoo appropriately.

one of the vital biggest mistakes Cowley sees americans make isn't thoroughly rinsing their shampoo out, which could result in heavy and sticky residue, plus dandruff. "a proper shampoo may still take eight to 10 minutes to do," she says.

What to do:

"You wish to shampoo your hair like a foam celebration—it's all about getting your fingertips and in fact scrubbing every inch of your head," says Cowley. "you've gotten obtained to rinse from the proper of your roots all the way down to the ends."

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3. You might be the use of the inaccurate shampoo and conditioner.

if you have an inclination toward greasy hair, using a heavily moisturizing shampoo is just going to make things worse. Like skincare, you should use the appropriate product on your scalp and hair, in any other case, it may cause your epidermis to act up and over-produce sebum.

What to do:

you've gotten likely guessed that the solution here is to swap your shampoo. As a substitute of purchasing a random shampoo and conditioner, which you can personalize your own the use of a customizable carrier, such as the one provided via function of attractiveness. Plus, switching your shampoo temporarily might also also work to steer clear of extra greasiness. "in case you discover your hair is all at once greasy, change it to one other range, after which lower back to the one you adore possibly every week or two weeks later," Cowley says.

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four. You wash your hair too often.

You may believe that the solution to greasy hair is to clean it more, however what occurs if you happen to do this is your scalp's sebum creation receives deregulated and leads to extra greasiness. "no longer washing your hair commonly sufficient effects in a buildup of sebum and sweat," Doughty says. "youngsters, our hair wants a little sebum to prevent drying out and breakage."

What to do:

do not supply in to the temptation to clean your hair anytime it starts to seem oily. "The simplest manner out is to area out the shampoo," Stephane Ferreira, operations supervisor at are living proper London. "are attempting each different day initially, then raise gently. In the beginning, the roots will appear overly oily, but in time the scalp will delivery regulating itself and balance might be restored." If the temptation is simply too big, use a dry shampoo instead.

5. You utilize too many hair items.

if you are a little on the spray satisfied side, you might create a greasy buildup on your scalp. "in case you overuse items, your hair will consider sticky and dull," Ferreira says. "The buildup will clog the hair from roots to information, making it more durable to manage and beauty."

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Hairdresser I Can’t Change The World But I Can Change Your Hair Poster


To get rid of product buildup, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. They're formulated to remove buildup, even if it's from a styling product, chlorine from the pool, or sweat from a workout—they may be like a refresh button in your scalp.

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