I Became An EMT Because Your Life Is Worth My Time Poster

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 “Being an EMT, you have a lot more responsibilities on a call,” LaPointe said. “If you want to help someone and you’re serious about helping people ... Actions are louder than words.”

Echoing LaPointe, Hoffman, Cannon and Carr each emphasized the power of serving the community in detailing their commitment to the rescue squad.

“To get involved in a community and be able to do what is best, to really give back and help in your immediate environment as much as you can and in any way, is a wonderful thing,” Hoffman said. “You’re part of something bigger — it sounds so silly — but that’s really what it is. And that’s what I got out of it.

“If everybody in the world would just do a little bit, it would become a better place. And I’m just trying to do my part, and maybe it will hit that spark in somebody else too,” she added.

“I’ve only been on (the team) for a bit over a year, but there are members on our squad who have given 20 years, many, many years, to this, day in and day out. And it’s amazing that those people are volunteering and never getting paid,” Cannon added. “Maybe people can stop for a minute and have a little appreciation for those people that give that way.”

“It’s amazing to think that people are getting out of bed at 3:30 in the morning to go and help somebody in a location they’ve never been to before,” Carr echoed. “So, when you really break it down, these people are highly motivated, highly enthused and extremely intelligent ... And I’m over the moon with the caliber of the people joining our squad.”

This caliber is particularly apparent when it comes to these five female EMTs, according to Richards.

“Having five females that are doing this and doing it as a group, it’s really good,” Richards said. “You’re joining your community, and you’re doing a big part in your community.”

And the immense significance of females EMTs’ presence on the squad is not lost to the female members themselves.

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I Became An EMT Because Your Life Is Worth My Time Poster

“I think incorporating more women into this field is something that definitely needs to be done,” Woodruff said. “You have people who call 911 because they’ve had an experience with a male, and if a male EMT shows up and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by men in an ambulance, that’s not exactly a calming experience that you’re going to have.

“But women in EMS — they’re badass,” she added.

“Sometimes it can get very overwhelming being in the back of an an ambulance with only men. And having a female there, especially a woman EMT who is there to help you and hold your hand — it’s just a different type of bond ... Especially in a male-dominated field,” LaPointe said. “It’s 2021 — girl power!




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