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 we have now already viewed some relatively funky physics from Valheim's abyssal harpoon, however past NASA space classes Valheim gamers have now discovered a greater practical use for the weapon: as a method of transporting heavy goods by using waterski. Or might be or not it's greater like these inflatable tubes that you could tow in the back of boats - however shut enough.

Over on reddit, user LostYugen the day prior to this posted a video displaying that a participant can be harpooned while retaining a cart, then towed by way of boat, permitting for the transportation of an important number of gadgets. The highest number of slots in a Valheim longship is 18, and through towing a cart you can double this amount to 36. Previously, some avid gamers had attempted to balance upturned carts on their boats to haul large quantities of ore, however this technique can effectively be scuppered with the aid of a storm - or with ease some bad crusing. Truly, LostYugen defined they found out the waterskiing method after considered one of their carts became knocked out of their longship through a wave. Others have found that inserting a heavy cart on a ship can additionally make it a great deal tougher to guide. May the cart-towing formula really be extra respectable?

Waterskiing in Valheim with a cart and longship

To look at various this out, I enlisted the aid of Eurogamer video producer Ian "Tippy Mcgee" Higton and hopped on a longship to use him as serpent bait are attempting some Viking waterskiing. To our surprise, the system labored, and Ian turned into dragged along with a cart filled with stone. Ian talked about he failed to lose any stamina as he wasn't actively swimming, and hence did not take drowning harm while being dragged in the back of the ship.

whatever thing that could be a little bit of a limiting component for this formula, besides the fact that children, is the very sluggish stamina drain experienced via the participant keeping the harpoon. As soon as a player runs out of stamina, the harpoon line breaks, probably leaving the cart (and your buddy) stranded in the ocean. There are the way to counter stamina drain in Valheim - such as by means of drinking tasty mead and stamina mead, using the Eikthyr energy, and making sure you are fed and rested before embarking - but you nevertheless could deserve to re-harpoon your buddy if you're occurring a long voyage. The respectable information is that your buddy can float indefinitely with the cart devoid of losing stamina, supplying you with a fair period of time to re-hook them. Simply do not leave them floating obtainable too long, youngsters, as I cannot vouch for the security of your cart buddy if a serpent shows up.

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Waterskiing And She Lived Happily Ever After Poster


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So it could be a bit dangerous as a transportation system, but it surely works, and could come in handy in case you need a dramatic way to transport foolish quantities of stone and ore. And it's also simply a good way to goof around if you fancy some Viking watersports - most likely we will see some organised Valheim waterski races within the near future.




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