The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them poster

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 legal professional Lincoln C. Jenkins, left; Sarah Mae Flemming; Julia King, pal of Flemming and witness at trial; and legal professional Matthew Perry. Image: John McCray Papers, South Caroliniana Library, university of South Carolina Libraries

The top notch journalist and civil rights activist, Ida B. Wells as soon as spoke of, “the way to right wrongs is to turn the gentle of truth upon them.” This girls’s historical past Month, I wish to flip the easy of fact on three women whose lives intersected to correct the incorrect of segregated public transportation. These girls deserve cognizance for their contributions, however their locations in heritage and the public cognizance is most useful described by someone with whom I have little in normal, but whose construct in this instance I trust wholeheartedly.

Former protection Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once talked about, “there are frequent knowns; there are things we comprehend we comprehend. We also recognize there are generic unknowns; it truly is to assert, we comprehend there are some things we don't know. But there are additionally unknown unknowns—those we don’t recognize that we don’t be aware of.” Let’s follow this construct to a few girls whose courage and dedication resulted in a extremely historic influence, the desegregation of public transportation. When this topic comes up, all and sundry’s intellect immediately goes to the “conventional universal,” Rosa Parks.

we all have heard the story of Parks’ refusal to give up her seat on a Bernard Law Montgomery, Ala., bus to a white passenger. Her motion ended in a lawsuit that went all the strategy to the U.S. Supreme courtroom, and the court’s ruling in her choose is credited with desegregating our nation’s public transportation device. Parks’ story is well generic, and her legacy is cemented in our history books. However there is a “common unknown” within the building of the life and legacy of Rosa Parks. She is Septima Poinsette Clark.

a picture of Septima Poinsette Clark on the cover of Highlander reviews.Photo: John Bolt Culbertson Papers, South Carolina Political Collections, school of South Carolina Libraries

Clark changed into a public college teacher in South Carolina who turned into fired within the early Nineteen Fifties when she refused to surrender her membership in the NAACP. Because of her steely will, remarkable teaching abilities and intergenerational acumen, she was consequently recruited to train non-violence and civil disobedience at the Highlander folk college in Tennessee. Rosa Parks turned into a kind of she taught and her potential and demeanor earned her the moniker, “mother of the circulation” by means of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them poster


I obtained to understand and work with Septima when she back to Charleston within the 1960s. However she become forty two years my senior, her distinctiveness become of such that i was comfortable relating to her by means of her first name. King all the time visited Septima every time he turned into in Charleston. In fact, I shared lunch with them in her domestic right through his remaining visit to Charleston on July 30, 1967.

additionally, there's an “unknown unknown” within the quest to combine public transportation.




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