Golden Retriever I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Dog Poster

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 Like many dog house owners, Lauren took Bauer on domestic dog adventures round town as he grew up.

after they went to the dog park, other pups would run around collectively, playing as doggies do. Bauer stuck to Lauren’s aspect, no longer interacting with different dogs. The identical would happen on a restaurant patio or out in a crowd.

Bauer’s a shy homebody that has the entire energy of a regular athletic Golden — a wearing breed time-honored for his or her exuberant friendliness.

To Lauren, it gave the look of Bauer became lacking self belief.

“after I obtained Bauer, my whole existence truly changed as a result of I had not ever had a dog before, so it changed into an important getting to know curve,” Lauren says.

Walks have been a very good beginning, however that simply made him physically drained. She mandatory to challenge him mentally and develop his self assurance.

So she began teaching him tricks at domestic.

“I all started noticing that things were getting enhanced,” she says. “He became getting extra confident on shaky surfaces or doing things that he wasn’t used to doing along with his physique.”

That’s when Lauren decided to get Bauer all started in Scent Work an recreation she’s heard became decent for a shy dog. It become ideal: Bauer changed into looking for self belief, and Lauren was searching for a hobby.

They began with simple obedience classes when he turned into three months ancient at local Texas facility What a pretty good Dog! Practicing core. Subsequent, they all started scent work. And their love of dog activities grew from there.

Bauer became frightened of water when they begun. The first time they went into the pool, Bauer clung to Lauren, nails sinking into her back, able to run.

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Golden Retriever I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Dog Poster

“It wasn’t anything else fabulous,” Lauren says. “It became simply form of like a stomach flop in, however that takes an awful lot for a dog who’s now not simply fearless.”

Bauer even saved his cool when fireworks had been launched the first day of a competition. The next day a Texas thunderstorm poured down, and Bauer was scared while ready in line, however still wanted to bounce.

by means of the conclusion of the season, he turned into leaping more than 20 ft.

“Dock diving is via a long way his favourite through 1,000,000 features. I mean, he would do this day by day.” 



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