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 have you ever heard concerning the chums of the Moscow Library e-book Room at the 1912 core? It’s our little informal popup e-book shop.

With the introduction of COVID-19, the chums had to cancel last fall’s ebook sale as well as this spring’s book sale at the Latah County Fairgrounds.

This has left a gaping gap in our price range given that these book revenue are our largest supply of income.

fortunately, our respectable chum Jenny Kostroff at the 1912 middle offered us one of the yet-to-be-made over rooms on the 2nd flooring of the 1912 center for a bookstore.

The 1912 middle is at 412 E. Third St. In Moscow at the nook of Van Buren.

So with some cut price tables and cabinets from the Washington State tuition surplus save, plus a lot of volunteer labor, including that of a number of UI Navy ROTC contributors, we were in a position to seriously change an empty room into an earnings-generating probability.

There are tables with all our general nonfiction classes, your favorite fiction genres, books for infants and younger adults plus vinyl statistics, CDs and DVDs. There’s whatever thing for every person and new items arrive per week. The room is located on the west conclusion of the second floor and might be accessed every time the 1912 middle is open. If the door is locked simply ask Jenny or any 1912 core worker to open it for you.

whilst you’re on the 2d floor you could admire the brand new superbly remodeled Lecompte Auditorium and Reception Gallery. If you have books to donate for the book Room, please take them to Friendship corridor which is on the leading ground just down the corridor from the senior middle and close the elevator. There's usually a cart there you can use to move heavy containers or baggage of books out of your vehicle to the room, simply ask an employee in case you don’t see it. Books are available by way of donation and your beneficiant donations go to pay for library classes with a portion also going to the 1912 core to aid fund greater improvements. 

Or buy here : Some Call It Adventure I Call It My Way Of Life Poster

Some Call It Adventure I Call It My Way Of Life Poster

Just slip your money or check donation into the large metal donation container on the wall next to the door of the room. Please note: this is now not a buck-a-bag sale; kindly donate as in case you value your library and the 1912 core. In case you’re searching for gratis books, the Moscow Recycling middle at 401 Jackson street has a large bin.

With profits from the e-book Room and a little success, we may now not end the yr with red ink in our accounting books. Barring further disaster, we predict to hang a fall e-book sale Sept. 24-25 on the Latah County Fairgrounds. We seem to be ahead to seeing you all there. Due to all our neighborhood supporters.




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